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Rick Martin
Missionary to the Philippines

Up-Dated - Friday, April 04, 2014

RICK MARTIN, Missionary
Iloilo Baptist Church,
Iloilo City, Philippines

Rick Martin was
saved in 1972 while attending Ozark Bible College. After graduating in 1974, he attended Hyles-Anderson College for two years. He surrendered to go to the Philippines while attending Pastorís School. After twelve months of deputation, he and his wife, Becky, arrived in Iloilo City in October 1977 and started Iloilo Baptist Church.


He founded Iloilo Baptist College the next year. Over 600 men reached through Bro. Martinís ministry have started local churches in the Philippines. Ten men have started Bible colleges and are training other nationals to go out and start churches.


Sending Missionaries
Several graduates have gone to foreign mission fields outside of Philippines. Last year, Iloilo Baptist church averaged 4,330 in weekly attendance.


He and his wife have been joined by their married children to continue the work.

The Work


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